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Suffering from Back Pain in Your 20s?

In the United States, it is incredibly common to hurt. Nearly half of Americans who responded to a poll by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) said that pain is an unavoidable aspect of life. Meanwhile, two in five (41%) said it is an expected development as we age.

Meanwhile, many US men and women under the age of 30 have become aware that chronic pain is not always something that arrives later in life. Nearly 65% of people in the 18-34 age bracket reported that they either have chronic pain themselves or that someone under their care is experiencing it.

In confronting the issue of back pain relief, we are part of a worldwide discussion, with ideas and articles on the topic from Canada to the UK to the United Arab Emirates. Although it’s a global epidemic, natural chronic back pain treatments are available.

Targeting sitting for back pain relief

The most obvious reason people are experiencing back pain is our sedentary lifestyle – the huge amount of sitting we do at work and home. Studies highlighted by Cornell University show that you can lower your disc pressure between 40 and 90% simply by rising from your chair. A standing desk is one possibility, but how can you address back pain if you have to sit?

  • Adjust to the optimal angle. Studies of college students found that the best seat-back angle is 15 degrees; meanwhile, research on VDT operators revealed the same basic measure, 13-15 degrees, is ideal.
  • Get up and move. Walking around the office doesn’t have to mean you’re on a break. Make every third call on the move, via your cell phone; or take a long-cut when crossing the office.
  • Adhere to the 10% rule. Chiropractor Gary Fitzgerald of Dubai’s Wellbeing Medical Centre advises standing and moving around for 10% of the time you’ve been sitting – so at least 3 minutes of movement for 30 minutes of sitting.
TIP: Staying hydrated can help minimize your risk for back pain. Carry a water of bottle everywhere you go, and drink small amounts often.

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Other chronic back pain treatments

What other tactics can work to alleviate back pain? Here are four helpful all-natural strategies:

  1. Release endorphins through aerobic exercise, meditation, and massage therapy.
  2. Prioritize sleep and treat any sleep disorders.
  3. Strengthen your core by sitting on an exercise ball for 30 minutes per day.
  4. Use thermotherapy – cold packs to cut inflammation, and hot packs to promote circulation.

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