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Great Ways to Stay Healthy During The Holidays

There’s nothing like the holiday season for reconnecting with friends and family and sharing in gratitude for a good year and good health, but this same time of year can also become stressful because of added familial obligations, plenty of rich and indulgent holiday meals, and the frenzy of holiday shopping or approaching deadlines. According to the Mayo Clinic, the effects of stress can include headaches, fatigue, anxiety or depression, decreased immunity and even weight gain, so doing everything you can to stay healthy during the holidays will get you into the New Year with a great start. These top tips can help you have a happy and healthy holiday season.

Take a Breather

The year-end holiday season can fill us with excitement and anticipation, but can begin to feel jam-packed with events, obligations, deadlines, and worries, boosting stress levels. Increased stress can be very detrimental to our systems, so it’s important and necessary not to over-extend and compromise our health. Unplugging and taking time to reboot and re-energize with exercise, yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises can help ease some of the strain, calming frazzled nerves and resulting in your staying healthy during the holidays.

Just Keep Moving

Busier schedules can tend to squeeze out time that was otherwise reserved for exercise and self-care. As closely maintaining as regular an exercise routine as possible will help burn off any excess holiday consumption, provide important stress relief opportunities, and also help to preserve muscle mass and flexibility, necessary factors in maintaining joint fluidity and easing chronic pain.

Count Those Calories

With so many parties, dinners and events, the holiday season can accidentally turn into a caloric free-for-all, resulting in a few pounds gained and “the Holiday Spread.” While your intention may be to shed those extra 2-5 pounds as part of a New Year’s Resolution anyway, the National Institute of Health has found that most Americans don’t ever lose the weight they gain this time of year. Give yourself a healthy holiday season and a head start on the future by trying to eat clean 80% of the time, and sampling leaner items like proteins, vegetables, and soups or salads at potlucks.

Support Your Health

The holidays typically mean more people to share your time with, and “more people” inevitably means more germs and more opportunities to get sick. Fortunately, there are many natural ways for you to support your immunity besides regular hand-washing. First, supplement any dietary deficiencies with a good multi-vitamin and nutrients like vitamin C, E and zinc to help your body fight off any microorganisms that get in. Also, using a sterile saline spray multiple times daily to irrigate nasal passages and flush out bacteria and viruses has been proven both safe and effective for preventing and treating cold and flu symptoms.

Is Pain Keeping You From Enjoying the Season?

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