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10 Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Looking for arthritis pain relief in Phoenix? The good news is that opting for invasive surgeries or dangerous prescription medications are not the only ways to find pain relief. Read on for 10 natural ways to relieve arthritis pain.

Consider Chiropractic Care

Working regular chiropractic visits into your routine is a great way to naturally tackle arthritis without medication. The idea is to correct alignment issues that are putting unnecessary pressure on achy joints affected by arthritis. It’s easy, relaxing and effective.

Incorporate Massage Therapy

Getting a massage goes deeper than most people think. At Pain Stop North Phoenix, trained massage therapists zero in on trigger points and also use assisted stretching to really maximize arthritis pain relief. The key is going to someone who understands the unique challenges of arthritis.

Keep Your Weight in Check

This one’s a biggie as carrying excess weight means putting undue pressure on sore joints. According to Harvard Medical School, walking on even ground translates to putting the equivalent of 1.5 times your body weight on your knees. The pressure is even greater when you’re walking on an incline.

Explore Supplements

The Arthritis Foundation recognizes a number of natural supplements that are known for their pain-relieving properties. The best part is that they’re scientifically proven to temper arthritis symptoms. SAM-e, Boswellic acids and turmeric are a few that help improve inflammation and reduce pain.

Give Green Tea a Whirl

Reader’s Digest highlights one study that shows a link between arthritis pain relief and drinking green tea—four cups per day, to be precise. The reason appears to be antioxidants that seem to curb inflammation and improve the body’s immune response.

Try Acupuncture

While it has yet to be determined whether or not pain relief from acupuncture can really just be traced back to the placebo effect, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying. According to the Arthritis Foundation, many arthritis sufferers who try it end up experiencing reduced pain.

Think about Bracing

Depending on the sore joint in question, opting for a supportive brace is a non-surgical way to relieve pressure, reduce swelling and improve pain. Many types of braces are out there; instead of buying one on your own, consult with your doctor to pinpoint the best one for your arthritis.

Get in the Water

Experts say that water aerobics and swimming are arthritis-friendly exercises that can improve pain. The buoyancy naturally lessens the impact on joints, while heated pools can also ease tenderness. It’s a great place to get some exercise and improve pain at the same time.

Get Some Sun

Reader’s Digest reports that since many people who suffer from arthritis also have a vitamin D deficiency, it stands to reason that regularly spending time in the sun could counteract it. The recommendation is 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight two to three times a week.

Try Pain Relief Creams

Topical arthritis creams are applied directly to the skin to soothe joint pain and provide a short stint of relief. According to HealthLine, most work by blocking pain receptors in the skin and reducing inflammation.

If you’ve tried natural remedies, but are still battling persistent discomfort, it’s time to find arthritis pain management in Phoenix. Pain Stop North Phoenix’s area of expertise is putting together comprehensive, tailored treatment plans that are individually designed for each patient. Call 602-899-5107 today to schedule your free consultation.

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