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5 Natural Remedies for Sciatica

Sciatica brings about radiating pain that starts in the sciatic nerve and often shoots down through the backs of the legs. For some, it flares up from time to time and passes relatively quickly. For others, it sticks around longer than is welcome, leaving discomfort and immobility in its wake.

Before you reach for medication, consider giving these five natural remedies for sciatica a try.

Take up Yoga

There’s a growing body of research that points to a real connection between yoga and sciatic pain relief. Hip-opening postures like pigeon pose and bound angle pose can actually help release pressure on the sciatic nerve, which translates to pain relief. A gentle, not-too-strenuous yoga practice, like Yin Yoga, is your best bet.

Do More Walking

According to Spine Health, walking triggers your body to release endorphins that help relieve pain and reduce inflammation, which, in turn, can help ease sciatic pain. Just be sure to keep your strides short and to engage your core muscles as you walk, which helps support your spine.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Not all exercise is good for sciatica. In fact, some activities will actually aggravate it and exacerbate your pain. High-impact aerobics is one such culprit. As Livestrong reports, exercises like high-intensity interval training and sprinting should be on your no-no list until you’re fully healed. Try substituting water aerobics, walking or swimming instead.

Start Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is the latest fitness trend, and with good reason—this cost-effective little prop can majorly curb sciatic nerve pain. There are videos that demonstrate just how easy it is to leverage your body weight to essentially give yourself a deep tissue massage. When incorporated into your regular self-care practice, foam rolling is an easy way to avoid sciatica pain.

Explore Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic therapy is a safe, natural way to correct misalignments that are creating undue nerve pressure, which is especially effective when it comes to sciatica. Prevention points to one study that found that 60 percent of sciatica sufferers who had no luck with other therapies actually experienced significant pain relief with spinal manipulation—so much so, in fact, that their relief was on par with those who’d had surgery. The findings are encouraging, especially since visiting a chiropractor is far less invasive than having unnecessary back surgery.

Treat these natural remedies as a starting point. If they don’t completely knock out your sciatica pain, don’t be so quick to do away with them—they make for fabulous at-home approaches that complement more formal sciatic pain treatment options. At Pain Stop North Phoenix, our team delivers everything from specialized back injections and radiofrequency neuroablation to massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and everything in between. Call 602-899-5107 to schedule a free consultation.

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