pain stop north phoenix clinic Pain Stop – North Phoenix is a medical clinic focused on providing responsible pain management solutions with an emphasis on non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment programs.

Our approach is comprehensive and personal because we know that each patient presents a unique set of symptoms that requires a unique combination of treatments and therapy.

What Sets Pain Stop – North Phoenix Apart?

pain management solutions→ Multidisciplinary Medical Staff

If you head over to the Meet Our Team page you will notice that we have a diverse mix of medical disciplines. This is one of the most important reasons we may be a better fit for patients experiencing chronic or acute pain.

Our team of medical doctors, chiropractors, family nurse practitioners and massage therapists are all involved in providing you with the best care and advanced treatments available today. This helps our patients receive a well-rounded approach to receive accurate diagnosis and pain management solutions.



pain stop north phoenix→ Onsite X-Ray & Medical Imaging

There aren’t many clinics where a patient can schedule one visit to see the doctor, receive advanced medical imaging for diagnosis (immediate results) and treatment/therapy on the same day without needing a referral.

→ Accommodations

We understand that your job is important. With that in mind, we provide appointments before 9 am and until 7pm, so that you can receive the care that you need before or after going to work.

→ State Licensed Outpatient Facility

Our sister clinic North Phoenix Outpatient Treatment Facility shares a space within our building and works almost exclusively with the Pain Stop North Phoenix patients. This partnership provides improved facility standards and a seamless experience for patients requiring advanced pain management solutions. Another example of our commitment to improved treatment options and better outcome for our patients.

non-invasive pain management solutions