elbow painElbow Pain can be extremely bothersome because we rely so much on our upper extremities and the movement is almost constant. When the pain starts to affect your daily life, it’s time to put a STOP to it.

Elbow Pain Treatments

Overuse, sports related injuries and job relative activities are the most common causes for elbow pain. Over time, repetitive motion from certain activities can cause inflammation of the soft tissue, like tendonitis. Our clinic offers several treatments to help you increase mobility, reduce pain and strengthen the muscles around your joint.

Our treatments for elbow pain can include:

How Can I Make An Appointment?

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Elbow pain can start as a small, dull ache and develop into a sharp piercing pain. Pain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix can eliminate your elbow pain. Contact us so that we can diagnose your condition and begin developing your personalized treatment plan.

What Causes Elbow Pain?

tennis-elbow-painMany conditions can cause elbow pain, but some of the most common are:
Injuries – Dislocation, fracture, sprains and tears
Osteoarthritis – When the cartilage is damaged or becomes worn
Tendonitis – Inflammation of the tendons in the elbow
Tennis Elbow – Overworked tendon due to repetitive motion of the arms and wrists
Golfer’s Elbow – Pain on the inner side of the elbow

The majority of the time, elbow pain isn’t a sign of a serious condition, but it can become worse if not addressed or treated properly. If your elbow pain is debilitating, keeping you from being active and doing the things you love, contact us and start getting pain relief.

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