What does your first time coupon offer include?

Free consultation, X-rays (if needed), and a 20 minute therapist massage

Do I need to pay anything my first visit?

Usually no, the doctor will communicate in advance if first visit payment is needed (this is rare though)

Should I bring any MRIs or other imaging and/or studies I have had in the past?

Yes if possible as long as it relates to your health care concern

Will I get a big surprise bill in the mail from you or my insurance company?

No-any out of pocket expenses will be assessed in the beginning and costs will be agreed upon. Any bills in the mail will be explained in advance.

What will happen during my first visit?

You will sit and meet with the Clinic director and he/she will do a brief history/consultation to see if any of our services might be able to help you.

Why do I need to bring my insurance card on my first visit?

If we feel we can help you, your insurance will be verified for coverage (no extra expense to you). Therefore you will know exactly what your insurance covers prior to starting any kind of treatment.