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Knee Pain Relief without Surgery

The demands of modern-day life can be challenging – getting the kids ready for school, taking them to soccer practice, heading to and from work, and keeping up with chores – and these challenges can be aggravated when they’re accompanied with chronic, persistent knee pain. For many Americans, knee pain afflicts them on a daily basis, making it hard to get treatment or even consider downtime when there is simply so much going on in life.

At Pain Stop North Phoenix, we take an integrative approach to pain management that allows our patients to seek knee pain relief without the concerns or risks of surgery or addictive pain medication. Here are some natural, minimally-invasive pain management treatment programs that have given thousands relief from knee pain!

Joint Injection Therapy

Total knee replacement surgery isn’t the only option for those suffering from chronic knee pain. Unfortunately, many knee surgeries that are recommended by medical professionals are unnecessary – research has suggested that as many as a third of knee surgeries in the country may be inappropriate. At Pain Stop North Phoenix, we offer the following joint injection therapies:

Steroid and Local Anesthetic: This works to reduce the inflammation and swelling of tissue in the joint space while also reducing pain at the same time.

Viscosupplementation: Using a naturally-derived compound made of hyaluronic acid, this injection therapy works by lubricating the cushioning the joint to relieve the pain. In turn, this also reduces the friction between bones in the joint itself and improves the range of motion. This type of non-surgical knee pain treatment is often used for knees with mild to moderate osteoarthritis conditions.

Low-Dose Steroids: This is a pain relief treatment used to alleviate joint inflammation, orthopedic pain and overuse syndromes. A very low dose of corticosteroid is injected, providing our patients with immediate pain relief.

Not only can surgery be painful in its aftermath – not everyone can afford to take time off work and the responsibilities of their life while they recover from a surgical knee replacement procedure. The knee pain treatments that we practice at our clinic will have you up on your feet on the very same day – feeling both relief from pain and inflammation, as well as being able to keep up with all the activities of your daily life.

At Pain Stop North Phoenix, our staff of medical professionals first begin with a consultation to fully evaluate your medical history and the severity of your knee pain to determine the best recommendations for treatment. Working with most large insurance companies, we provide our patients with the best-of-breed, non-surgical solutions to help get relief from knee pain and return to their activities as quickly as possible. To schedule a consultation with our team, or for more information, contact Pain Stop North Phoenix today.
















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