migraines-headaches/If you suffer from migraines, you know very well that the pain never attacks at a convenient time. Your migraine doesn’t care if you’re in a meeting, at a birthday party or spending quality time with your family.

Pain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix provides the most advanced, gentle, safe, and effective treatment protocol for migraine relief. Our non-surgical treatments include:

Pain Management Treatments

Our pain management treatments include Trigger Point Treatments, Trigger Point Injections, Radiofrequency (RF) Neuroablation and Responsible Medication Management.
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Chiropractic Treatments

Our Chiropractors can rehabilitate the weak and stressed muscle groups that can cause chronic headaches and migraines pain.
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Massage Therapy

Our clinic offers trigger point massage and assisted stretching. Both can help relax the tense muscles are your head, giving you pain relief.
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Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures

Physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures can strengthen the muscles around you neck, restoring its mobility and relieving pain.
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Our doctors and physicians are experts in rehabilitating stressed and weakened muscles that contribute to your head pain, and we offer a wide variety of treatments that can relieve your migraine/headaches.

Are you suffering from migraines/headaches cause by…


Are These Treatments Effective?

Yes. The treatments work in conjunction with one another. In addition to these treatments, we also work with you to identify the physical and emotional triggers that stimulate the migraine episodes.

Find Out If This Treatment Is Right For You!

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