Were You Involved In A Car Accident?
Are You Suffering From Whiplash?

Motor Vehicle AccidentsIf you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may start to feel pain symptoms immediately, but it may also appear several days after the accident. At Pain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix, our team of medical doctors, chiropractors and therapists can create a treatment program that works for your specific injury.

How Soon After An Accident Should I Seek Treatment?

The first 72 hours after an accident are the most critical, so after suffering a motor vehicle accident it’s important that you call us immediately at 602-482-2282, even if you don’t believe you’re injured. Whiplash can take hours, days, or even weeks to show up, and the first 72 hours has shown to be the time period during which treatment can be the most effective.

Whiplash Symptoms

The most common motor vehicle accident injury is whiplash. Whiplash suffered during an accident usually results in neck, back and spinal pain, and many times can reanimate previous injuries a patient may have had before the accident, eventually leading to chronic pain. Common symptoms of whiplash include:

Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash Injuries

Chiropractic care is an efficient treatment for whiplash injuries because it can help locate the source of your pain. A misalignment of your neck or spine can cause your nerves to be compressed. This compression may cause you to have numbness or other tingling sensations. Alleviating the compressed nerves in your spine would ease the pain and discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments is a safe and adequate treatment option to reduce and restore proper function in your spine. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, give Pain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix a call today to schedule a free consultation.

At Pain Stop Clinic – North Clinic, our priority is to STOP your pain. We reserve appointment times daily for accident injuries and can often schedule your appointment for the same day.

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