The physicians at Pain Stop – North Phoenix are focused on getting you out of pain. The first step in our pain management protocol is to identify the source of your pain. We then create a customized treatment plan to treat your specific condition through our non-surgical techniques. Our pain management treatment plans can include any of the following:

Specialized Injection Protocols

injection-protocolsOur Specialized Injection Protocols can help you find pain relief without the need for risky and expensive surgeries. We offer specialized injections for a variety of conditions. The injections are often used in combination with our other treatment programs, such as chiropractic care and physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures.

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Trigger Point Treatments


Our clinic offers two types of Trigger Point Treatments: Trigger Point Injections and Trigger Point Therapy. A trigger point is a small knot of muscles that form when muscles are overworked or injured. Trigger Point Treatments can relax the area allowing it to heal.

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Joint & Muscular Treatments

We offer a variety of treatments for joint and muscular pain. From injections to chiropractic therapy and physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures, we can find a treatment that works for your specific pain condition.

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Migraine & Headache

spg-nerveOur clinic offers a revolutionary non-surgical treatment for migraine and chronic head pain relief that is safe and effective.

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Epidural/Facet Injections

This procedure is used to relieve disc and nerve root pain. An anti-inflammatory medicine is injected in the epidural space.

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Radiofrequency Neuroablation

radiofrequency ablationIn this treatment, the area that is in pain is stimulated through an electrical current produced by radio waves. The current heats up the nerve tissue, decreasing pain signals in the area.

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Medication Management


Certain treatment plans may require the assistance of prescription medications. Our medical providers will determine the best treatment protocol for your specific pain condition.

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