Specialized Injections

Specialized InjectionsPain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix offers a variety of Specialized Injection Protocols to pinpoint the source of the pain and deliver treatment exactly where it needs the most. This helps you find pain relief without the need for risky and expensive surgeries.

What Specialized Injections Do You Offer?

Our doctors will work with you to create the best treatment plan for your specific condition. Our specialized injections are often used in combination with our other treatment programs, such as chiropractic care and physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures. Pain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix offer the following injections:

Joint Injections

      • Steroid and Local Anesthetic – Reduce inflammation and swelling of tissue in the joint space while also reducing pain.
      • Viscosupplementation – Naturally derived compound made of hyaluronic acid that lubricates and cushions the joint to relieve pain.  This reduces friction between bones and improves range of motion.  Often used for knees with mild to moderate osteoarthritis conditions.


Trigger Point Injections – Trigger points are knots of muscle that develop when a muscle has been injured or overworked. The injection allows the muscle to relax and heal, while providing our patient with pain relief.

Epidural Nerve Block – A procedure for treating disc and nerve root pain by reducing inflammation. Symptoms of disc and nerve root pain include shoulder, arm, neck and upper back pain. For this treatment, anti-inflammatory medicine is injected directly in the epidural space. This procedure can be performed in different ways:

      • Transforaminal Epidural – Through the side of the nerve as it exits the spine
      • Interlaminar Epidural – From the back of the spine
      • Cervical Epidural – Next to an individual nerve root


Medial Branch Blocks – This procedure is used to diagnose and treat upper and middle back pain. A local anesthetic is injected near the medial branch nerve. The doctor can tell which joint in the spine is causing the pain if the pain is reduced after this treatment.

Cervical Facet Injections – This procedure is used to diagnose and treat shoulder, neck, upper back and headache pain. A local anesthetic and steroid are injected into a joint in the spine. The doctor can tell which joint in the spine is causing the pain if the pain is reduced after this treatment.

Low-Dose Steroid Injections – A pain relief treatment for joint inflammation, orthopedic pain and overuse syndromes. The lowest amount of corticosteroid is injected, providing our patients with immediate pain relief.

Pain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix can stop your pain and get you back to doing the things you enjoy.

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