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Staying Active with Sciatica

For the millions of Americans suffering every day with the pain of sciatica, it can seem impossible to want to do anything active when your entire lower body hurts. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that runs down the entire lower back, down the back of each leg, which can cause sharp pain to radiate all over the hip, buttocks, and legs.

At Pain Stop North Phoenix, we treat patients suffering from this chronic form of pain every day, and we find one of the best recommendations that helps is to partake in physical activities that engage and strengthen the muscles in these areas. Here are a few favorite suggestions for staying fit and active with sciatica.


Yoga is a terrific form of physical activity because it not only helps stabilize and strengthen the whole body, but it also provides mental benefits as well. Practiced for over a millennium, yoga can also help the psychological effects of pain by providing a calming time of meditation and mindfulness.

Practicing yoga over an extended period of time may also help to prevent further outbreaks of pain caused by the sciatic nerve. Keeping your muscles, tendons, and tissues in a conditioned state can help prevent pinching or compression.


With its cardiovascular benefits and low-impact nature, it’s no wonder why swimming is a favorite not only for patients with osteoarthritis and knee pain but for those suffering from sciatic nerve pain, too.

Another benefit of splashing around in the pool on a regular basis is that it’s one of the few exercises that works nearly every muscle group – allowing your body to stabilize and strengthen as a whole.


This might not be seen as a traditional “exercise” type activity, but daily stretching can help alleviate pressure and pinching along the sciatic nerve, dramatically decreasing the pain felt in the lower back, hips, buttocks, and legs. Even a few minutes in the morning after getting out of bed can help for the rest of the day.

Get help from a trusted professional

Part of staying active with sciatica means making sure you’re not doing any further damage to your body or overexerting any already-strained muscles. Our clinic offers innovative, non-surgical pain management solutions such as trigger therapy, massage therapy, nerve blocks, back injections, and chiropractic adjustments that can dramatically improve your condition.

If you experience sciatic nerve pain, you’re not alone. At Pain Stop Clinic North Phoenix, we’ve helped thousands of patients over the years overcome painful physical conditions, avoid surgery, and get back to an active and healthy lifestyle. You have nothing to lose, but the pain – contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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