How to Start Exercising Without Injury

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. Topping the list year after year is (you guessed it) getting healthy. While a clean-slate perspective can do wonders for your motivation, being too eager will backfire if it leads to injury. Overdoing it in the name of fitness is a recipe for chronic pain—something that’ll surely throw a wrench in your exercise plans.

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car accident injuries

Three Most Common Car Accident Injuries Sustained In Collisions

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than three million people are injured every year in car accidents, and the variety of injuries sustained depends on a number of factors. How hard was the impact? Which direction did the collision come from? Were the injured wearing seatbelts? Where were they sitting in the car? Were airbags involved? Common car accident injuries are typically divided into two categories: those caused by the body’s impact to some part of the car, and penetrating injuries, which are cuts, scraps, or worse. These car accident injuries are the most commonly experienced after a collision.

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soft tissue injuries

Pain Delay? Why Soft Tissue Injuries After Car Accidents Aren’t Immediately Obvious

The forces involved in an auto collision can place a tremendous amount of strain on the body, but many car accident injuries aren’t obvious, like a cut or a bruise. Combined with the body’s release of endorphins and stress hormones like adrenaline following such a traumatic event, soft tissue injuries after a car accident might not immediately surface, and your injuries may be far worse than you think. What causes this delay, and what should you do about it?

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accident injury care

Accident Injury Care in North Phoenix

For those in North Phoenix, accident injury care should be prioritized just like it should be anywhere else. It’s important to get examined immediately both so you don’t develop a chronic condition and because you want to make sure you are financially protected. Let’s look at why you should get medical care immediately and three accident injury symptoms that often don’t show up right away.

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