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Tips That Can Help Keep The Neck Feeling Great

Brief bouts of neck pain aren’t usually a cause for concern, but pain that sticks around can impact your ability to live an active, happy lifestyle. Whether it stems from an injury, poor posture or anything in between, kicking neck pain comes down to finding pain management experts who know how to navigate this tricky terrain.

Of course, preventing neck pain altogether is the best way to go. Here are a few expert tips to avoid neck pain.

Be Mindful of Your Posture

If your office chair leaves a lot to be desired, you might want to perk up. Slouching all day can do a number on your neck, which makes sense—failing to keep your spine properly aligned during day-to-day activities can put unnecessary strain on the neck and back. It turns out, it can even lead to degenerative disc disease. The remedy? Be mindful of your posture.

Look at Your Pillow

If your pillow doesn’t keep your spine evenly aligned, a stiff, tender neck is likely in your future. Your best bet is to opt for a pillow that supports the natural shape of the neck, which is why memory foam or some other type of ergonomically correct model is your best protection.

Sleep on a Good Mattress

While we’re on the topic of sleep, preventing neck pain goes beyond your pillow. Your mattress is equally important. According to Consumer Reports, the ideal mattress is one that keeps your spine straight and optimally aligned throughout the night. In other words, the worst scenario is one where your neck is bent during sleep. That said, a firmer mattress is thought to be best.

Keep Your Stress in Check

Suffering from chronic stress is a surefire way to experience neck pain. Persistent stress can actually exacerbate underlying neck pain, according to Everyday Health. Effective stress management techniques may improve your neck pain. This is precisely why visiting a chiropractor is an increasingly popular form of self-care.

Strengthen Your Neck Muscles

Neck muscles are muscles all the same, so regularly exercising them should help keep pain by the wayside.

Use Tech Wisely

Smartphone-related neck pain is on the rise, experts say. The best defense? Keep all screens—computer, phone, tablet and otherwise—at eye level whenever possible. This goes back to posture. Hunching over your devices strains the neck and can lead to lasting issues.

If persistent pain is making it difficult to live your best life, it’s time to seek neck pain treatments in Phoenix. Our team prefers effective non-surgical treatments over invasive surgeries. For a free consultation, call 602-899-5107 today.

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