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Top Causes (and Solutions) for Back and Neck Pain Pain [VIDEO]

Some back and neck pain can be resolved by making a few modifications to your daily routine. If any of the following apply to you start making these adjustments today. Then contact us to learn how our treatments might be able to help you find advanced back and neck pain relief.




Problem: Tilting the head forward can put up to 60 lbs of pressure on the upper spine.
Solution: Bring the phone up to just below eye level for neck and back pain relief.


Problem: Smoking accelerates degenerative disc disease by decreasing blood supply to the discs in your back.
Solution: Seek out a smoking cessation program. Your lungs and spine will thank you.


Problem: Those who are obese are 4Xs more likely to experience back pain than those who are not.
Solution: If you’re overweight, daily exercise can decrease your risk of back pain by 32%

Find Advanced Back and Neck Pain Relief Without Surgery

Pain Stop North Phoenix is proud to help our patients find back and neck pain relief without surgery or medications. Contact us to learn more about our treatments or to schedule a consultation.

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