Have You Been Injured At Work?

Work injuries The physical, emotional and financial strain of work injuries can take a toll on you and your family.

Work injuries can happen to anyone, whether your job is physically demanding or you spend several hours every day sitting in front of a computer. Frequent or heavy lifting, pushing or carrying heavy items, repetitive movements, poor posture, improper ergonomics and stress can all cause injuries to the body.

When you start experiencing pain, it is important to seek care immediately to avoid further injury.

Contact us if you are experiencing pain in any of the following areas:

Did You Know: Over 90% of work injuries are related to the neck and back.

Our multidisciplinary clinic treats a variety of pain conditions, from herniated discs and dislocated shoulders to carpal tunnel and joint pain. The Board Certified Physicians at Pain Stop Clinic – North Phoenix will work with you to not only stop your pain but also rehabilitate the injured area to prevent it from coming back.

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